Congressman Devin Nunes’ concern over the masking of incidental collection is telling. Multiple sources cite Nunes’ claim that the intel leaked to him was not related to the Russia investigation. If he was merely concerned over the intel, why did he appear so rattled? According to sources, there is a reason is he was able to discern the names of the masked Americans in the intel documents. The reason he could tell who was who? He was there, and named in the documents leaked by Whitehouse insiders.

from the NY Times:

It is the latest twist of a bizarre Washington drama that began after dark on March 21, when Mr. Nunes got a call from a person he has described only as a source. The call came as he was riding across town in an Uber car, and he quickly diverted to the White House. The next day, Mr. Nunes gave a hastily arranged news conference before going to brief Mr. Trump on what he had learned the night before from — as it turns out — White House officials.

On sept. 19th, a Meeting with Flynn and Turkish governmental officials sent former-CIA director  James Woolsey scrambling to report a potential “non-judicial clandestine extradition”, a.k.a. Kidnapping, through back channels via a contact to former VP Biden.

From Fox News:

James Woolsey said the meeting occurred in September inside the Essex House hotel in New York. Woolsey told the paper that he arrived in the middle of the conversation, but said the basic idea was a “covert step in the dead of night to whisk this guy away.” The group as reportedly refering to Fethullah Gulen.

Woolsey told the paper he found the conversation startling and possibly illegal. But he did not say anything because there were no specifics. Woolsey said he notified Vice President Biden through a mutual friend.

That claim likely caused criminal and FISA warrants to fly. Woolsey stayed on in the Trump team until Jan. 5, 2017. One should consider the likelihood he was a cooperating witness. If so, Flynn’s Turkish meetings would be under intense scrutiny by Intelligence agencies as well as the DOJ which was still under Sally Yates at the time. What would have spooked Nunes? Perhaps this Turkish media account of  Flynn’s second meeting

nunes turkey.png

Was Nunes, Kushner and Flynn talking kidnapping in a breakfast meeting, or following one? Do you believe that Woolsey’s testimony resulted in NO warrants in the following weeks, months prior to the second meeting?

Either Nunes was running scared, or the Whitehouse shared this intel as pressure (blackmail) to get Devin Nunes to scuttle the Yates testimony, as well as the entire House hearing. Clearly this is obstruction by Nunes and the Trump administration by proxy. The least complex way to describe this entire incident is “cover-up”