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Leaving with Barack Obama, Biden  will make a “farewell” visit to Kiev. One of the main objectives – to outline the future prospects of the businesses his son Hunter Biden is involved with in the Ukraine. This broadcast channel 112, said deputy of Parliament Paul Rizanenko

According to the Deputy, Biden personally interested in the fact that criminal cases against Ukrainian anti-corruption bureau of «Burisma Group» (co-owner Hunter Biden) have been closed.

“There is a personal interest in the Ukraine about the work of this company. There are lawsuits that are filed by the same National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine concerning the abolition of the agreement on cooperation with “Ukrgasdobycha” Company «Burisma Group», is litigation. I admit that, indeed, Mr. Biden has a vested interest in this visit, and in the last visit, “- said Rizanenko.

His colleague, Vadim Rabinovich confirmed, it is unlikely that Biden will discuss some global issues. “Biden – a person from the team that lost the elections, it remained week. Well, what can we tell the loser politician, what’s new? “- Said the deputy.

Recall that Biden earlier became a defendant in the scandal – edition The New York Times reported that Hunter Biden might be involved in corruption schemes in Ukraine, as a co-owner of the company, the second largest shareholder of which is the Minister of Environment of the reign of Viktor Yanukovych Nicholas Zlochevskiy, who left the country after euromaidan.


(admin note, the Pavel Rizanenko bio lists his closest contacts as Vitali Klitschko, now Mayor of Kiev)