In 2013, an independent  “intel gatherer” that I had befriended made an odd prediction in a group chat about the unfolding events in Syria, and the upcoming Sochi Olympics. He Predicted that after the U.S. Had secured Syrian chemical weapons through diplomacy and the unprecedented help of Russia, our administration would stab Putin in the back. They would bust out the Ukrainian government and attempt to install a puppet. He went on to say that Putin had no choice but to secure the Crimean, and we would use sanctions to steal his GAZPROM contracts. We had a chuckle until every detail started to happen in sequence.

*any racist comments in the quote are his, not redacted


So, while everyone is arguing over fags on Ice, every classic move from Alfred Thayer Mahan’s playbook is running it’s course.
On Jan. 31, due to “Olympic security”, The frigate USS Taylor and The USS Mount Whitney (LCC-20) passed through the two most important naval points on the globe.. The Bosphorus and the Dardanelles (The Turkish Straights) and into the Black Sea, just a Hop from the Ukraine.

The USS Mount Whitney (LCC/JCC 20) is a Blue Ridge class command ship of the US Navy; it is the flagship of the Sixth Fleet. She is also the command and control ship for the Commander Joint Command Lisbon and the Commander Striking Force NATO. She had previously served for years as the COMSTRIKFLTLANT(NATO Designation) / Second Fleet’s command ship.

So, the Syrian wmd deadline and The Iran Talks deadline just happened to be right after the last medals all get handed out.

Turkey is in control of the Black sea passage, but they are over-run with Assad’s refugees. To use a bad pun, Dire straits.

The U.S. will never allow Turkey to fall. The passage is so critical, even I would advocate ground troops if Turkey fell.

does anyone else think WE leaked that “Fuck Putin and the EU” call on purpose?

The “Fuck the E.U. call in question was between U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pryatt.